I published this blog from 2003 to 2008.

Maintaining it doubled as a means to keep up with server, web, and publishing technologies. Over time it migrated from Movable Type, to Wordpress, to Django, back to Wordpress, to Jekyll and Ruhoh, and finally to Hakyll — with unpublished attempts in Ghost and Hexo.

The software and projects described here have mostly been superceded, and the thoughts seemed more original and interesting to me when the internet and I were both younger, and fewer people had shared their experiences with programming, software engineering, and internet technologies. Whenever I remove them people ask where they went, though. So here they are.

Popular posts included The IDE Divide and Overloading Semicolon.

Posts that failed to make a splash include Service Clients (an early attempt to describe what was later named AJAX), and Rethinking MVC (an early attempt to describe what was later named MVVM).

The illustrations in my My Git Workflow have been adapted (with permission) and improved many times. You can find better versions, including interactive versions, elsewhere on the web.


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