Do you have an old teletype with a 5-bit serial interface sitting around that you’ve been itching to hook up to the Internet? If so, this article at is just what you’ve been looking for. – anonymous on Slashdot

Henry Minsky has written in LinuxDevices about his Internet Teletype. This is a vintage teletype he purchased on eBay, that is connected through a Mini-ITX and a web server to an email account. The email account is in turn connected to his Yahoo calendar.

The upshot of this is that Henry has a Model 28 Teletype sitting in the middle of his living room (right, with Kiki’s Delivery Service on floor), which chatters out reminders for company meetings and other events.

While this project required few of the many capabilities of the Mini-ITX system, the other projects on my list are all great candidates for using this board; high quality video and audio, as well as low power consumption, low noise, and most importantly low price will make this my platform of choice for future midnight engineering projects.

Henry has additional pictures here.