It was months in the conception, weeks in the making, and minutes in the configuration, but the OpenLaszlo project now has a blog. That blog is intended for project-related news, announcements, documentation, and musings, posted by members of the OpenLaszlo project and some of our co-workers at Laszlo Systems. And I’ll be returning this blog to more personal and broader topics. (Those are two overlapping categories, not one.) Plenty of Laszlo and RIA stuff where it goes beyond the immediate project work, but more other topics too.

On a related topic, Laszlo Systems has launched Laszlo Mail, a high-polish web mail product focused on cross-browser portability and on user experience . I first wrote about Laszlo Mail here. Laszlo Mail is an excellent example of the kind of application that we created OpenLaszlo in order to enable. As Jonathan Boutelle says: “It feels like a candy-coated swiss army knife, an appealing mix of aesthetics and pragmatic design.”

Congratulations to the Laszlo Mail team on getting this done. The Laszlo Mail team has a blog too, here.