Last month, Geert Bevin wrote an article called wasting time with Laszlo. Since then, he’s wasted even more time with Laszlo. Bla-bla List is Bevin’s fully functional clone of Ta-da lists, re-implemented in Java and RIFE.

Of course, while the bad thing about web application programming is that you’re dealing with two different platforms (even if one of them is just DHTML), the good thing is that you can choose them independently. I’m planning to use Laszlo on the client with PHP and Rails on the server, now that serverless deployment makes that possible.

Site Ta-da lists Bla-bla list
Server language Ruby Java
Server framework Rails RIFE
Client platform DHTML Laszlo


In OpenLaszlo 3.0b2, two weeks later, Bevin updates his original list of criticisms to take into account the 3.0b2 release. Recommended reading for anyone evaluating RIA platforms.