The DB Content Rails plugin adds tasks to save and restore database content.


-- dump the development database to db/archive/development-content.sql.gz
rake db:content:dump

-- load the dumped database, and apply any necessary migrations
$ rake db:content:load

-- dump the production database to db/archive/production-content.sql.gz
$ RAILS_ENV=production rake db:content:dump

-- save the development database to db/archive/{timestamp}.sql.gz
$ rake db:content:save

-- save the (compressed) database to my-data.sql.gz
$ rake db:content:save FILE=my-data.sql.gz

-- save the (uncompressed) database to my-data.sql
$ rake db:content:save FILE=my-data.sql

-- load the database from my-data.sql
$ rake db:content:load FILE=my-data.sql


rake db:content:archive

Saves a timestamped database to db/archive/{timestamp}.sql.gz.

rake db:content:dump

Dumps the database to FILE or db/{RAILS_ENV}-content.sql.gz. If FILE ends in .gz, the file is compressed.

rake db:content:load

Loads the database from FILE or db/{RAILS_ENV}-content.sql.gz, and migrates it to the current schema version. If FILE ends in .gz, the file is piped through gunzip.


git clone git:// vendor/plugins/db_content

If you’re running off Edge Rails (or, presumably, Rails > 2.0.2), you should be able to do this instead:

script/plugin install git://


The plugin works only with the MySQL databases. (It adds methods to the Mysql adaptor; see the source.) The gzip option probably only works on *nix (MacOS, Linux, etc.).