The code samples from my talk at the Ajax Experience conference are now available here.

Each example runs itself when you load its page, at least in Safari and Firefox. This is something I first did for my talk at LL2. It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to keep sample code actually working1.

The full slide deck (including these code samples, but without the comments and the ability to run the code) is here.

These are from the final draft of the talk, but they’re really the first draft of this material. The audience was great, and I learned a lot about how to explain this from their questions during the presentation. I’m planning to reorganize and expand this the next time I get a free weekend to work on it.

  1. A funny story about that: John Resig asked me after the talk whether I’d looked at Learn JavaScript. The truth is, I’d wanted to get by without any fancy slideware or sample scaffolding at all, but I needed a way to get formatted code into Keynote. I started out using a technique that Scott MacVicar came up with, and eventually added section breaks, and then “Previous” and “Next” buttons, until I’d eventually feature-crept my way up to something pretty similar to John’s tool. Oh well.